Vegan Protein 2LB (Vanilla)

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RhinoFit’s Vegan Protein is formulated to support muscle growth, immunity, digestive health, increase satiety, increase fat burning, and boost metabolic rate.

ROC224V – Vegan Protein Product Description


    Made In The USA
    Manufactured At FDA
    Registered and GMP Certified Facilities / 3rd Party
    Laboratory Tested For Purity, Potency & Quality:
    ✓ Gluten Free.
    ✓ All Natural.
    ✓ Vegan Friendly.
    ✓ Vegetarian.
    ✓ Corn Free.
    ✓ Lactose Free.


    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 32g
    Servings Per Container: 28
    Amount Per Serving %DV
    Calories 140
    Total Fat 3g 4%*
    Saturated Fat 1g 5%*
    Sodium 310mg 14%
    Total Carbohydrate 6g 2%
    Dietary Fiber 2g 7%
    Total Sugars 2g **
    Includes 2g Added Sugars 4%
    Protein 20g 41%
    Vitamin D 0mcg 0%
    Calcium 34mg 2%
    Iron 6mg 35%
    Potassium 57mg 2%
    Vegan Protein Blend
    (Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein, Quinoa)
    25g **
    MCT Oil Powder
    (Natural MCT Oil, Maltodextrin, Modified Food Starch)
    400mg **
    Antioxident Blend
    Acai Berry, Acerola, Amla, Jabuticaba, Cranberry, Goji,
    Mangosteen, Maqui Berry, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Organic Schisandra)
    150mg **
    *   Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
    ** Daily Value (DV) not established

    Other Ingredients: Creamer (High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Tapioca Starch, Tapioca Dextrin,
    Natural Flavors, D Alpha Tocopherols, Raw Sugar, Natural Flavors, Cocoa (processed with
    alkali), Stevia, Xanthan Gum

    Formula Ingredient Deck Benefits Of Each Ingredient 
    Vegan Protein (rice, pea, and quinoa)
    • Plant-based source of easily digestible essential and branched-chain amino acids.
    • Pea protein contains all nine essential amino acids and all three branched-chain amino acids.
    MCT Oil
    • Supports cognitive function, exercise performance, appetite control, reduced body fat, antioxidant support, increased metabolic rate, increased ketone bodies, reduced inflammation, and may combat neurodegenerative disease.
    • Increases ketone production and provides an energy source during ketogenic diets.
    • May combat neurodegenerative disease via increased anti-inflammatory effects of ketone bodies.
    • Supports cognitive function via ketone absorption across the blood-brain barrier and utilized as cerebral bioenergetic fuel.
    • Increases metabolic rate via increased thermogenesis and caloric expenditure from exercise.
    • Increases energy levels via increased absorption and burning of MCT as fuel.
    Acai Berry
    • Supports antioxidant function, reduces blood pressure, supports kidney health, supports blood sugar regulation, supports cardiovascular health, and may combat against cancer.
    • Supports antioxidant function via polyphenolic components with high levels of anthocyanins (cyanidin-3-glucoside and cyanidin-3-rutinoside).
    • May combat carcinogenesis via reduction of tumor cell proliferation, multiplicity and size of the tumors, increased anti-inflammatory capacity, increased antiproliferative activity,  and increased pro-apoptotic activity.
    Acerola (Vitamin C)
    • Supports immune, cardiovascular, skin, cognitive, fat burning, and digestive health.
    • Supports immune health via increased oxidant, free radical scavenging, and fueling neutrophilic (immune cell) activity in chemotaxis, phagocytosis, and microbial killing.
    • Supports fat burning by increasing carnitine biosynthesis (molecule required for mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation).
    • Supports accelerate bone healing after a fracture, increase type I collagen synthesis, and reduce oxidative stress (inflammation).
    • Supports reduced DNA damage in the kidney, liver, and bone marrow.
    Goji Berry
    • Supports immune health, vision health, immune health, and aids as a neuroprotective agent.
    • Supports immune function via carotenoid and polyphenolic free radical scavenging capabilities, reduced DNA damage, and reduced inflammatory cytokines.
    • Supports vision health via ocular neuroprotective effects zeaxanthin content (found in goji berry).
    • Increases neuronal protection with potent ameliorative effects on neuronal oxidative stress, inflammation, apoptosis and neuronal cell death.
    • Supports reduced blood pressure, increased nitric oxide production, immune health, blood sugar regulation, prostate health, gut health and aids as an antimicrobial compound.
    • Supports prostate health via high polyphenolic antioxidant levels (three times the antioxidant activity of green tea) that protect the prostate gland from inflammation.
    • Supports reduced blood pressure via increased nitric oxide production, increased cardiac output (blood flow), and reduced cholesterol levels (170.
    • Supports digestive health via combating inflammatory bowel disease.
    • Supports immune health via reduced inflammatory cytokines (markers of inflammation) throughout the body.

    Additional information

    Weight 50 oz
    Dimensions 5.4 × 5.5 in

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    1. Rolando N

      I tried this out just out of curiousity and i was really surprised how good it was and how smooth it tastes.

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